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Raising Awareness, Finding Flow


This program is designed for people wanting to make a change in the way they 'do' life...

Raising Awareness - 
Raise your awareness around past behaviour, current situation, current habits that keep you there.
Understand self sabotage and ways in which we keep ourselves 'stuck'

Finding Flow - 
understanding values in life/business
align future goals to meet your top values

Creating Action - 
create strategy to achieve

Showing Up - 
understand exactly how you want to 'show-up' in life
understanding this is important to make decisions moving forward and create the change required to get there.

Give yourself the opportunity to make the change you need in a supportive environment. 
Connect with other change makers


Date – Tuesday 18th September 2018
Time – 6pm - 9pm
Location – Basecamp Cafe Burnside
Investment - $29



Rise & Flow and Empowered Academy bring to you

‘Mind Body Balance' Retreat


The day retreat includes

- yoga

- meditation

- yogic philosophy

- Q & A


Your hosts Ben & Verity bring with them knowledge and experience in traditional Hatha Yoga.

Ben and Verity are both coaches and master practitioners in NLP, Hypnotherapy,

Applied Ayurveda and Reiki.


Date -         Sat 13th October 2018

Location - The Peninsula, Point Boston                               (Port Lincoln)

Includes - Herbal Teas, Morning Tea,                                   Lunch, Afternoon Tea

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