the Shadow - unveiled

'what we repress holds energy with powerful, positive potential. our ego will deny our shadow therefore also deny us of our true potential and wholeness.'

the shadow - untamed

when we do not recognise our own shadow, we operate from a place of ego. In this world, we are limited and bound to the parameters of the constructed persona which is, in fact, cast by the shadow. The persona is created by being every behaviour and expression that the shadow is not. The ego seeks to separate us from parts of ourselves as well as from others. It also keeps us looping in patterns of behaviour limiting our capacity to grow and evolve by blaming and projecting the shadow onto others rather than seeking to learn from it and move forward in intelligent and empowering ways.

the shadow - unveiled

when we unveil the shadow, we invite ourselves to operate from a place of acceptance and understanding. We accept the good and the bad, the light and the dark. We choose to operate from a place of honesty and express a healthy vulnerability. This softening has the powerful effect of bringing forth all of our parts as a whole.

No longer do we use energy to keep ourselves veiled or concealed upholding a limited persona. We learn from the aspects we previously rejected or repressed and access the positive and healthy expression of the seemingly negative emotions cast within our shadow.

We embrace our wholeness and open ourselves up to a more expansive state.

the shadow - our guide to the light

integrating the shadow, we embody a fullness and completeness that we are able to bring to our life, work and the relationships that we have. Our energetic becomes harnessed and focused brining a certain potency and presence our life, work, relationships and community.

Suddenly we find ourselves more compassionate, more loving, more productive, more accepting, more connected and more intentful than we have been before.

we see our ever present shadow, as a guide to uncovering and bringing forth our true depth and potential. We continually align with our true nature and embrace the world as our true self.


what holds you back?

what do you reject in others? repress within yourself?

how could your life change if you were to embrace the shadow within you?

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